How to create your very own She Shed - 7 Tips for the Perfect Garden Retreat

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With last week being National Gardening Week it got me thinking about my own garden and how lucky I am to have my very own garden retreat; my ‘She Shed’.

Having started my business in the end of our garage with no natural light the thought of having my very own ‘she shed’ was an absolute dream.

With no garden shed and an unusual shape patio in the corner of our garden sitting unused this seemed like the perfect spot to build my dream. After trawling through the options online and debating between a pre-built shed/studio or renting somewhere; which would pull me away from the house and ultimately the children when they were off school, not to mention the expense, a ‘She Shed’ seemed like the perfect solution.

So after a glass of wine or two one night and a few rough sketches myself and my husband had planned a single storey building that would fit perfectly into the corner of our garden.  I am very fortunate that my husband Simon works in construction and therefore is very handy and was able to do it all from scratch. 

My dream was built complete with full insulation, electrics and most recently wifi so that I can have the TV on while I work; it’s cosier than the house!

To make it truly my own I have surrounded myself with nicknacks picked up from travels in our caravan.  It is purely used for my business, it has everything I need to design, make and create and at the end of the day I can shut the door and leave it all there.

I documented the big build of my dream on Instagram and an Australian publishing company have asked to feature me in their upcoming book entitled ‘She Sheds’ which is very exciting.

The ‘She Shed’ is a trend that is officially here to stay and one that comes in many forms of purpose.  Gone are the days of the ‘Man Shed’; us ladies are staking our claim on these garden retreats for our own pleasure.  Not just a place for us gardening lovers to store our tools or to create a traditional potting shed the ‘She Shed’ opens up a whole world of opportunity where sheds can be somewhere to curl up with a good book, enjoy a cuppa in style or a place to fulfil a dream creating a home studio style shed where you can start your own business or dabble in a talent or hobby you’ve waited years to get back into.

Whatever the purpose of your ‘She Shed’ here are 7 Tips to help you create yours:


1. Choose your shed 


You may have an old shed you’ve been meaning to clear out for years and what better reason than the creation of your very own ‘She Shed’? Take advantage, clear out all those things you haven’t used in years, donate them to charity and create usable storage solutions for the things you want to keep.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a shed you can purchase some great easy build kits.

A bigger job but one that could be very rewarding would be to design and build one from scratch, ensuring that it is completely to your design and taste while fulfilling the brief for what you have in store for it. 




2. Choose your colour 




The style of your shed starts with the exterior. Take an old shed from ordinary to wow with a fresh lick of paint.  Choose calming colours for your quiet space where you can embrace the treasures inside.  Add personality will small touches like window boxes of flowers, a welcome sign and anything else that reflects you.




3. Define the purpose of your shed


Whatever your reason for creating a ‘She Shed’ keep this in mind throughout, ensuring your space is fit for purpose and a place you can indulge in a hobby that’s important to you or somewhere you can be productive when running your business from home.  

If you’re simply revamping your shed into a more versatile potting area where you can enjoy building  your garden from within, this can bring life and personality to your garden and make it a pleasure to go outside and enjoy gardening.

It may be that you have no huge desire to make your ‘She Shed’ into a productive space but one of peace and tranquility where you can go and enjoy a cup of tea and listen to the birds sing, or spend Summers evenings outdoors with a glass of wine or two.


4. Add personality as you go 




The finishing touches for your ‘She Shed’ may not appear overnight but over years of visiting vintage markets and antique shops travelling looking for those specific things to complete the look.  

It may be unusual storage ideas or a focal point to complete the look.  Whatever it is make your ‘She Shed’ a labour of love where you can add things over time and build a retreat that you love spending time in.


5. Positioning can be everything 




Putting your shed in a secluded part of the garden surrounded by grassy plants, vines and window boxes full of flowers will help add to the tranquil vibe you are looking to create.  Be sure to bring the outside in too by decorating inside your shed with plants and flowers.  

The sunshine is lovely but if you want somewhere cool and relaxing avoid positioning your shed in direct sunlight where it will become uncomfortable to spend time in.


6. Make an entrance 


As we’ve mentioned before finishing touches really add to the personality of your shed.  The entrance will enhance this.  Add fairy lights, curtains, flower pots and a door bell for a fun element.  




7. Make your shed part of you 




Lastly and probably most importantly your shed should reflect your own personality.  As you change and the purpose of your shed develops so too should the exterior to reflect the changes over the years of your ‘She Shed’.  After all this is your shed, there are no rules it’s all about being you.

Don’t wait get your ‘She Shed’ started today.  If you’re struggling for inspiration check out my Pinterest board here and Instagram page here.


For handmade signs to complete the look of your shed visit my shop:

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    Fabulous ideas for our summerhouse currently being built , definitely going to be a she shed!!!

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