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Here I last!

Well here I am at long last!  This has been a long and winding road and an ambition of mine for years (since wanting to be a Blue Peter presenter when I was little). 
I have finally set up my cutting and sticking dream, florenceandgrace.  My own little cottage industry, run from my kitchen, so I can stay at home with my 3 babies, Isaac, Kitty and Minny (photos to follow!), while him-in-doors works very hard to make it all possible.
Much to many peoples surprise (mainly my childrens) I did work once!  I was a textile designer, for many years, which was my dream job.  This time just added to my love of fabrics and all things touchy feely and made me vow that one day I would set up on my own, making things that I would like in my home, for others. 
I moved on from textile design into the wonderful world of marketing. I slogged to get the highest professional marketing qualifications then my maternal clock tocked and Isaac came along.  One look at that little face and I vowed that I would have to be dragged over hell and high water to be parted from him.  So after putting off getting a "real" job by having two more children, the time has come and florenceandgrace has been born.
So welcome to my world.  Come with me along my journey into my new life, it could be bumpy so hold on tight!!!

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